Artecola Launches New Instant Adhesive Line

FEICON, one of the largest Construction Fair in Latin America, witnessed the launch of a new product range from our partner Artecola. This new line of product includes methoxyethyl-based instant adhesives which are odorless and non-blooming, which are desirable properties compared to traditional instant adhesives. A super adhesive that can bond any material in two seconds, without drying and without clogging the packaging, is one of the novelties that AFIX presented at FEICON BATIMAT. "We will present an innovative and unique line for Latin America, which brings together practicality, safety and versatility with highly differentiated performance," said the Director of Operations Artecola Chemistry, Rafael Müssnich.

ARTECOLA CHEMICAL AND AFINITICA - The new line of instant adhesives is a partnership between Artecola Chemistry, leader in adhesives in Latin America and who holds the AFIX brand, and the Spanish Afinitica Technologies, a global benchmark in special cyanoacrylate technology. "We are providing solutions for those wishing to fix an object from home to conduct professional cabinet work, very quickly and safely" says the Director. "We want to further strengthen the portfolio of products we offer to the market, and that is what we are presenting only two months after signing the alliance agreement between the two companies," says Müssnich.