Partnership Artecola - Afinitica

International partnership focuses on sepecialised cyanoacrylate technology. Company based in Barcelona is a world reference in the segment.

Artecola Chemical, based in Campo Bom (RS), operating in all Latin America and one of the largest companies of its segment, has signed a distribution agreement with Afinitica Technologies, Spain. The focus of the new partnership is the special cyanoacrylate technology, a segment in which Afinitica is a world reference. "The agreement is an important step to further strengthen the product portfolio we offer to the market, reinforcing our innovative profile through differentiated adhesives and strategic alliances," said the Executive Director of Artecola Chemistry, Lisiane Kunst Bohnen.
Headquartered in Barcelona, ​​Afinitica creates unique and innovative products based on cyanoacrylates, including odorless products that do not stain, products based on new monomers, flexible products, two-component versions and also gels with long open times relative to traditional cyanoacrylates. Such products combine adjusted speed, ease of application, high performance and universal use.

The product line is intended to several market segments, including consumer, footwear, furniture and automotive. "This is a trend in the industry, and differentiation through Afinitica products allows Artecola to expand the supply of special technologies for all of Latin America," emphasizes Lisiane.
"The agreement reached with Artecola Chemical, a company with extensive market share in Latin America, with clear growth strategy for innovation and through strategic alliances, is a very important opportunity for Afinitica, whose vocation is the development of new markets for cyanoacrylate adhesives through innovative solutions", said Ramón Bacardit, Executive Director of Afinitica Technologies.
With 66 years of existence, Artecola Chemistry allies with Afinitica, demonstrating that boldness and tradition must go together when the focus is to innovate. "Balancing diverse experiences, we remain in the quest for constant innovation" says the Director.