Partnership Cartell - Afinitica

Afinitica Technologies s.l. (Afinitica) and Cartell Chemicals Co. (Cartell), sign a licence agreement for the manufacturing of specialty cyanoacrylate monomers.

Afinitica, a new technology driven start-up, founded in May 2013 and located in the “Parc de Recerca”, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, in Bellaterra  has developed advanced new process chemistry for the production of specialty cyanoacrylate monomers, that form the principle component of ‘superglue’ type instant adhesives. The new process enables the synthesis of specialty cyanoacrylate monomers in an environmentally responsible and economical way that will enable the adhesives industry to launch new instant adhesives with improved properties, previously not viable or possible due to high production costs and poor quality.
Examples of new products pending product launch include:

  • A new range of non-irritant instant adhesives
  • High quality medical–grade cyanoacrylate monomers for sutureless skin bonding
  • A first generation of instant adhesive products with bulk curing properties and high performance to address more structural-like bonding, sealing, filling and repair applications, with all the convenience of rapid cure.

The Afinitica owned proprietary technology will be exploited by Cartell through a license agreement signed in September 2014
Cartell, a company, with more than 20 years experience in the mass production of cyanoacrylates and that leads an important part of the instant adhesives market worldwide, is headquartered at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Chai-Yi, Taiwan. The Afinitica process technology will be implemented at this location.
New products resulting from access to high quality cyanoacrylates will be offered to the Global market from Taiwan, following the model Cartell has successfully operated for many decades.
The first wave of new product launches will include a high performance, non-irritating odourless instant adhesive with a high level of flexibility not traditionally associated with superglues.

Drs. Michael Chen and Ramón Bacardit, CEOs of Cartell and Afinitica respectively, communicated today that this agreement marks a significant milestone which is poised to dramatically change the market of instant adhesives in industrial and consumer applications.

“We face a renaissance, a new starting point in upgrading this important market that has not witnessed significant change in a long time”

The new manufacturing process developed by Afinitica allows also the production of reactive monomers for instant adhesives, with a minimum of waste  and with a much lower energy and water consumption than the current manufacturing process used by the adhesives industry, in addition to achieving high monomer quality. This process represents a significant improvement in the sustainable production of instant adhesives.