about us


At AFINITICA we design, develop and manufacture advanced, user-friendly instant adhesives and fast reacting monomers. R&D experience spanning many years in this specific field has enabled us to create specialty cyanoacrylates and related monomers that not only service existing application needs, but further expand into application areas traditionally regarded as unsuitable for such adhesives. Cyanoacrylates are instant, energy-free curing adhesives that bond a plethora of substrates – these attributes are vastly underexploited. We are the first company with a dedicated focus on instant adhesives, repair products and coatings, and first to offer open source CA monomers thanks to our novel processing technology. Our products are designed for consumer, professional craftsmen, industrial, biomedical, veterinary and cosmetic markets. We produce and package under our own brand and offer specialised high purity monomers in bulk. As experts in the field we are also open to discussions on bespoke technical and market opportunities.

Our Vision

Simply put – we wish to transform the profile of the materials we are passionate about from the status of simple superglues, to the adhesives of choice for performance, sustainability and convenience. This vision has been born out of a commitment to understand the limitations of existing materials and the way they are currently used and then overcome these. We seek to offer better application solutions and material choices that are not constrained to the limited choice of currently available monomers. Our breakthroughs in synthesis give access to new materials and hence breadth of scope in formulation that has a concomitant impact on adhesive performance. We aim to offer more. We are in a hurry to help.

Our Team

For an idea to gain traction and develop momentum a particular perspective is needed. AFINITICA's genesis emerged from a group of experienced research and business professionals with perspective and with intent to extol the many virtues of remarkable materials that cure in seconds – like no other materials available. AFINITICA was created as a company with the agility to react to market needs with fresh, new instant adhesive solutions. Our team comprises an eclectic mix of talents with a shared passion in chemistry, engineering, product design, and applications technology bolstered by long years of commercial experience in the adhesives world. For instant adhesives – we are the right partners.