Shoe Industry

From sole manufacture to shoe repair, our non-staining highly flexible adhesives offer the best performance for the shoe market.

AFINITICA products have been adopted for the sole bonding and for the shoe repair markets. Our non-staining, no odour BX series adhesives with improved flexibility are ideal for such applications. Superflex is an elastic gap-filling instant adhesive that is particularly suited for extreme repairs where filling and sealing are needed and where elasticity and flexibility is a must. Zapit is a special formula designed to bond leather goods and footware in only 3 seconds. The perfect solution for fast and strong shoes repairs.


Bulk-curing, elastic, instant adhesive with > 200% elongation.


Special formula with rubber toughening


Odourless, non-irritating instant adhesives. BX adhesives are non-staining - especially important for bonding glossy, metallic, or black high quality substrates 


Shoe assembly and leather goods, in seconds.


Adhesion promoter for instant adhesives on hard-to-bond plastics.