High performance odourless instant gel adhesives

The BEMO Series gels are flexible, impact resistant and have good peel strength. In addition, they have all the advantages of being formulated with Methoxyethyl Cyanoacrylate: low odour, non irritant, low blooming .... Each one has additional properties that make them unique.

BEMO 64+. Its composition provides resistance to high temperatures and humidity, making it ideal for outdoor use. The patented formula is a guarantee of innovation.

BEMO 2020. The fastest gel in this range, which bonds in just 5 seconds, is perfect for an instant adhesion.

Finally, BEMO 59 allows the repositioning of the parts to be bonded, as well as the corrections and adjustments necessary during long assemblies.



Instant adhesion
High bonding strength
Non irritant, no lachrymatory, label free
Low odour and low blooming
Multi-material (*)
Impact resistance
Good peel strength
Gel consistency

* Except polyolefins (PE, PP, PTFE)


General bonding of close-fitting parts
Instant repairs (*)
Polystyrene handcrafts
Bonding of transparent parts
General assembly
Repairs and outdoor assembly

Product base 
Methoxyethyl cyanoacrylate
Fixture time 
BEMO 59: 60 seconds; BEMO 64+: 30 SECONDS; BEMO 2020: 5 seconds
Operation temperature 
BEMO 59: -20 ºC up to +80 ºC ; BEMO 64+: -20 ºC up to +150 ºC ; BEMO 2020: -20 ºC up to +80 ºC
BEMO 59: Transparent ; BEMO 64+: Whitish ; BEMO 2020: Transparent
Shear strength Blasted Steel 
BEMO 59: 160-190 kg/cm2 ; BEMO 64+: 170-220 kg/cm2 ; BEMO 2020: 160-180 kg/cm2
Shear strength ABS 
BEMO 59: 100-120 kg/cm2 (SF) ; BEMO 64+: 90-100 kg/cm2 (SF) ; BEMO 2020: 60-100 kg/cm2 (SF)
Shear strength Beech Wood 
BEMO 59: 120-140 kg/cm2 (SF) ; BEMO 64+: 120-140 kg/cm2 (SF) ; BEMO 2020: 120-140 kg/cm2 (SF)
(SF) Substrate failure